Digital solutions
for your growth

We create applications, websites and sophisticated systems that enable your business to grow. We provide tailor-made solutions to medium and large companies that are not satisfied with the standard range on the market.

We transform clients’ visions into custom applications, websites, e-shops, intranets, extranets, portals, information and booking systems. We have been providing technically precise and user-friendly solutions and helping with their subsequent management and development for more than 20 years. We can help you reach new customers with creativity, video and advertising.

Partners we have worked with

Ravak Regulus
Aquapalace Polysan
Thermal Intercom Bohemia
Asio Senesi
Atrea Yale
EBC Asociace Festina
EuroAgentur Havex
Chrono Obec Lány
MikroShop Niceboy

Projects that speak for us

We have successfully completed more than 300 projects with various focuses. Here are some of them. Will the next one be yours?

Asio Corporate website

RAVAK Corporate website & e-shop

Niceboy Complaint Management Tool On-line TV

SAPHO Corporate website & e-shop

Hotel Thermal Corporate website

Energy Benefit Centre Corporate website

GT-Energy Corporate website

Aquapalace Hotel Prague Corporate website

Modro-zelená infrastruktura Corporate website

Services that enable you to grow

Connect your vision to our expertise and take your business to the next level. We will create a tailor-made digital product for your business.

our services

Custom development

We can design and program anything for you. Our domain is customised internet and intranet applications. We can process large data sources, connect different systems and create software that will make your work easier and save you time and money.



We can create an e-shop tuned to your needs. We can connect it to company systems, payment gateways and product comparison tools. Naturally, it will have a modern and intuitive design that customers and search engines love.


Web presentations

Don’t let template solutions limit you in online space. With a custom-designed website or other bespoke web presence, you get advanced features, a thoughtful UX/UI design and interactive elements that optimise your conversion rate.


PPC and campaign management

Reach new customers efficiently and quickly. Build awareness of your brand and your market position. We maximize the performance of your advertising campaigns with quality strategy, creative content and professional PPC campaign management.


Video studio & production

Be the centre of attention with professional video and audio content. We provide complete production and post-production of interviews, reports, podcasts, streams, etc. We can create turnkey presentation or product videos for you.


We turn your visions into digital projects

We are a team of experts in development, programming, coding, creativity and marketing. Over the last 20 years, we have completed more than 300 projects for Czech and global brands. We are fans of modern technologies, friends of an open approach and long-term cooperation. We are behind the most visited Czech portals for construction, housing and architecture – TZB-info and

Preparation and planning

We’ll want to get to know you. And we mean thoroughly. We’re interested in your goals, vision, direction and, above all, how we can help you. Based on this, we’ll propose a strategy with incremental steps; and when you approve it, we’ll get down to work.

  • Analysis and audit
  • User research
  • Web analytics
  • Information architecture
  • Concept and strategy
  • Project management

Design & content

We analyse everything thoroughly and let our creatives take care of a user-friendly interface, thoughtful UX/UI design, graphics and content that correspond to your brand and appeal to your target audience.

  • User experience (UX)
  • Content strategy and copywriting
  • Wireframes
  • User interface (UI)
  • Animation and interaction design
  • Prototyping


Our developers and coders are masters at creating complex, modern and technically precise digital solutions. With technological know-how and experience, they will fine-tune your product to perfection.

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Programming
  • Integration and connection
  • CMS implementation
  • QA testing

Service & maintenance

Our cooperation does not end with the delivery of a product. We will ensure the smooth operation and development of your solution. We provide hosting, regular maintenance and updates; you can also rely on the technical department’s support.

  • Administration and maintenance
  • Technical support
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • PPC campaigns
  • Data analysis
  • Development and optimization

Go for it with us!

Let’s discuss how we can help you over coffee or online. We will be happy to listen to your visions and ideas and together we will propose an optimum solution.

Make an appointment

You often ask

What digital products are you primarily focused on? Who are your clients?

We are most often contacted by medium and large companies from the B2B and B2C segments. We usually develop and implement customized applications or systems for them to help them automate and optimize their processes. We also often create new websites or e-shops to order or redesign existing web presentations for our clients. In addition, we offer advertising and conference systems, we have our own filming studio where we create video and audio content for and other companies. We specialize in large and demanding projects as well as smaller jobs.

Is Topinfo Digital active only in Prague? Can we contact you even if we’re outside Prague?

Even though our company is based in Prague 6, we go anywhere in the country to visit our clients. Distance is not a problem for us. We have already implemented more than 300 digital projects in all corners of the Czech Republic. We can efficiently manage and consult on your project even through online meetings and conference calls, so that the cooperation is pleasant and costs you minimum time and effort.

Can you tell me how much an app, website, e-shop or other customized solution from Topinfo Digital costs?

We approach each project individually. It always depends on how big and demanding it is. We will therefore only be able to give you an approximate price after you tell us your ideas and requirements. Contact us for more information and to arrange a no-obligation meeting.

Will you build an e-shop or website for us in Wordpress, on a template or in another boxed solution?

We do not offer our clients anything like that. Websites and e-shops on a template or in Wordpress unnecessarily limit business and its development. There can be clashes and it’s often difficult to add advanced features or connect them to other systems that simplify processes. Moreover, the content and graphics of such a website must be adapted to the template instead of your needs.

We always guarantee our clients the highest possible quality, security and the chance to develop a website without unnecessary compromises. That’s why we develop websites and e-shops in-house based on client needs and conversion goals. Such a solution also makes sense economically, can grow with your business and has a longer lifespan than boxed solutions or templates.

How does cooperation with you start?

Our cooperation can start with coffee in our offices in Prague 6, in your company, wherever you are based in the Czech Republic, or online via the platform of your choice. In a no-obligation meeting, we will first discuss your visions and ideas and outline possible solutions. If they make sense to you, we can arrange a follow-up, at the end of which we will create a bespoke digital product for you. Contact us today to make an appointment.

What influence will I have on the project during its implementation? Do you make room for your clients’ comments?

We work with clients as partners from the initial analysis to the final presentation. We are interested in your opinions and always seek an optimum solution together. We continuously consult on partial deliverables, so you will have a perfect overview of what stage a project is at. At the same time, we are professionals, so you don’t have to worry that a new project will cost you a lot of time and energy. You can count on us to deliver comprehensive and well thought-out solutions that will delight you.

Can I edit the finished website or e-shop myself? And will I even be able do to it?

Some parts of the website or e-shop can be easily edited by you in our Topinfo CMS. We’ll teach you how to use it, so it’s really easy for you. You can then edit frequently updated parts of the website or e-shop yourself, such as the blog, products, news, events calendar, etc. Thanks to a predefined solution – a template – where you just insert text and images, you won’t find that a new post looks different from the previous ones and the site will remain consistent.

More complex adjustments that could affect a site’s visual integrity or conversions will be quickly resolved by our technical support. It’s always available on working days.

We have a great graphic designer in our company, can I give you a custom graphic design for our new website or e-shop?

You can, but it’s usually best for clients to leave everything to our senior graphic designer. Not every graphic designer is a specialist in web design and can see the whole context of a website’s creation, where the graphics influence later implementation work by coders and programmers. Our web graphic designer will not only create a pleasing design in pleasant colours that complement your logo. They think about the entire site in context, considering your needs and conversion goals, the user experience, site responsiveness and connecting visuals to your brand.

Therefore, if you leave everything to our graphic designer, you’ll get a website that is modern, respects current trends, better performs its presentation and business function, lasts longer and is fine-tuned to the last detail.

Should we change existing texts when we redesign our website? Aren’t the original ones enough, or we could write some ourselves?

It’s up to you. However, in our experience, using original texts on a new website does not yield optimum results. The same is usually true for texts written by someone from your company. Anyone can write, but it’s better to hire a professional to write really polished marketing texts that lead to conversions.

Our copywriter and content strategist will be happy to help you with your new texts. They first thoroughly analyse your materials, your current website, your market position, your target audience and your conversion goals. Based on this information and conversations with you, they create copy that speaks directly to your clients, represents your business in the best light and supports your conversion goals. They can also help you with creative content for newsletters or microsite or landing page campaigns.

Will you create a turnkey application or system for us?

Yes, custom development is what we do. We have two decades of experience in this field and a strong competitive position. We are primarily engaged in the development and implementation of logistics systems, noticeboards, complaint management systems, conferencing systems, interactive computing tools, configurators, systems for process automation and automatic data processing and more.

Do you also make microsites or landing pages for advertising campaigns?

Absolutely! We don’t limit ourselves to large projects. We’ll be happy to make a creative microsite or landing page for your campaign. The process of creating smaller web presentations involves thorough analysis, ideation, creation of graphic and textual content, and programming. We are also happy to ensure the success of your project with PPC advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Sklik and Facebook.

What does Topinfo Digital have in common with the portals TZB-info and

These are the projects we started to work on in 2000 and which have subsequently become the most visited domestic portals for construction, housing and architecture. Over time, we separated and started operating as technology specialists and creatives delivering bespoke digital solutions under the Topinfo brand. Thanks to our history and present, we have an overview of current developments in the construction industry and extensive professional know-how in this field. But we do not limit ourselves only to this segment.